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Digital Technology

Center of Digital Technology

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

The innovations in AI and Machine Learning technologies allows organizations to take advantage of predictive and prescriptive analytics in real world business automation and applications.

Digital leaders exploit proprietary and public data models to create new innovative machine learning models for their internal business processes and external customer facing solutions and products.

Using our model for fast tracking new technologies we can help you scope an MVP and prove your potential business value from data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Together with our partner ADEAL Systems GmbH, we have developed a set of comprehensive business show cases we would be happy to share with you.

Big Data & Analytics

Data – The most important digital raw material

The large volumes of data generated from people, machines and equipment provide significant opportunities for innovation, new business models, and smart products and services. In our days, Data should be treated as a strategic asset.

Digital leaders combine data of different types and sources in order to discover hidden patterns and correlations. This supports business decisions and create transparency.

With our model for Data Strategy in the Digital Era we can assist with aligning your data science endeavours with your business goals. Together with our partner ADEAL Systems GmbH we are can help you design and implement Big Data platforms.

Cloud Computing

The beating heart of a digitized world

Cloud is considered essential for a successful digital transformation. Still, adoption of the right cloud solutions is anything but easy. As with any technology, cloud needs to be tailored to your company’s needs.

Whether you aim for increased mobile workforce, higher flexibility and agility of business areas through cloud services or cost savings through the elimination of acquisition costs and the change to variable accounting models.

Successful cloud adoption includes strategic decisions like vendor selections for long term relationships, architectural decisions ranging from cloud, multi cloud, private cloud, fog and edge computing.

We help you develop and establish strategic goals and ambitions to derive a cloud transition roadmap prioritizing your investments to advance your organizations use of any cloud strategy.

IoT, Sensors & Devices

Cheap and capable sensor components radically change industrial and production processes

The cost effective usage of sensor arrays is an interdisciplinary challenge for reaching the next level of industry 4.0: efficient management of sensors, edge computing in critical industrial environments, extreme demands for latency and performance receiving and computing sensor data.

This leads to finally providing global digital services for customers and partners based on a scalable enterprise platform.

We help you with our expertise to design and implement a digital agenda and the effective execution of this special form of a digital transformation.

Smart Ecosystems

Discover new business opportunities!

Combining a digital platform with a large number of partners results in mutual benefit for every participant through network effects. Smart digital ecosystems facilitate completely new business models and enormous gains in efficiency, two main goals of digital transformation.

Mission critical prerequisite is the implementation and continuous elaboration of a „data centric digital target state“: starting from Data Integration via Data Aggregation to Data Intelligence. This allows for intelligent big data analytics.

We help you develop and establish an appropriate Architecture. We enable you setting up the right structures, processes and KPI for an effective management of your digital platform.

Software Development & Automation

Software Delivery Performance is key

The level of automation at Digital Leaders is staggering. This includes the automation of IT in terms of building, maintaining and running solutions and infrastructure with modern tool chains and technologies.

Digital technologies like RPA and continuous cloud innovations also need to be taken into consideration. These topics ask for continuous learning and new agile ways of working on all levels within IT.

Based on our proven IT governance models we enable you to customize and implement the necessary structures, processes and KPIs.
We help you to identify suitable agile methods and frameworks, to adapt them to your needs and to establish them in your organization.