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Medium-sized Internationals

The implementation of the Digital Agenda requires active operational and methodological support at both program and project level (Digital Accelerator: technology, agility and digital mindset)


  • Ensuring effective program management and control, including coordination with top management and stakeholders
  • Establish (define, build, develop) the skills and mindsets needed to implement the digital agenda: upskilling, agile coaching, agile metrics, agile scaling & leadership
  • Drive high delivery performance through close coordination between the IT department: IT enterprise architecture advisory & governance, delivery pipeline optimization and standardization (devops), QA, sourcing strategy
  • Intensification and deepeningf of the “A-Team” approach: qualified sparring with the key people in each project
  • Interim management of agile IT projects (CRM and eBusiness Platforms)


Digitization and internationalization of the tour operator business and the touristic value chain require redevelopment of the central purchasing-, production-, booking- and distribution-system in parallel to an agile transition


  • Digital Transformation & Agile Transition Guidance
  • Restructuring and realignment of the digital transformation project following the initial assessment of the program execution status
  • Interim management of central roles critical to success: overall project/program management, PMO/controlling, development management, QA management/test management, IT architecture, general subproject managers
  • Safeguarding of the planned implementation stages (core platform, additional locations, acquired companies)
  • CIO Guidance
  • IT due diligence for M&A transactions

Medium-sized Group

Internationalization and digitization require strategic (re)alignment and transformation of IT as a central function for all areas of the internationally operating enterprise


  • Development of the IT strategy
  • Establishment of IT service management processes and accounting procedures (ITIL)
  • Conception and deployment of project portfolio management and requirements management
  • Formulation of a central IT enterprise architecture management
  • Conception and launch of a reliable, efficient IT rollout procedure for the new international sales locations
  • Staffing of key roles in major IT projects by leading experts

International Group

Project methodology consulting and coaching are required during the agile transition of the Company. Program management, agile leadership roles and the teams of a strategic IT program are supported


Transformation of the IT project organization into an agile product organization:

  • Consulting and support during the introduction of agile leadership and management Methods
  • Advising and enabling cooperation with business departments in scaled agile Frameworks
  • Founding of connectivity between agile management and line organization
  • Setup of agile product organizations of up to 400 people incl. management structures & KPIs
  • Selection of suitable agile methods and implementation in cooperation with the Teams
  • Establishment of agile metrics for continuous improvement
  • Cultivation and coaching of Scrum Masters

Medium-sized Company

Digitization and growth require the adaptation of the IT enterprise architecture with special focus on the update of the enterprise resource planning system


  • Analysis of the IT enterprise architecture status quo with focus on the enterprise resource planning system
  • Development of an IT target roadmap and the IT enterprise architecture with derivation of recommendations on procedure for system selection (make-or-buy)
  • Preparation and execution of request-for-Information of system alternatives

Medium-sized Company

The establishment of a new digital commerce business model requires the technical and business conception of the corresponding B2C platform


  • Development of a requirement-catalogue based on the existing digital strategy
  • Creation of the technical concept (based on customer journey, personas, UX, usability etc.)
  • Design of an IT architecture target ecosystem (Blueprint)
  • Creation of a utilization and operation Concept
  • Development of a decision matrix as well as definition of the business and technical evaluation criteria for the request for proposal
  • Preparation of a project outline for the subsequent implementation
  • Development of a “make” option
  • Synchronization of concept and implementation with the group-wide digital strategy and other projects

Public Private Partnership

The extension of a nationwide infrastructure system requires an accompanying quality, requirements and risk management of the implementation program as well as proof of the contractually compliant implementation of the commissioned program scope


  • Management of the central quality process within the context of a Quality Board
  • Responsibility for cross-program requirements management
  • Systematic identification of risks related to the achievement of quality gates
  • Management of contractual compliance  vis-à-vis the client

European Group

Strategic foreign acquisitions require the migration to a newly defined, group-wide IT enterprise architecture


  • Draft of the target blueprint for the IT enterprise architecture
  • Provide overall project management of the migration projects “Consolidation of the ERP processes of the group on the Microsoft AX platform” and “Application Migration” (incl. coordination of nearshore and offshore development teams: Singapore, Germany, France, Switzerland)
  • Advising the COO on the operationalization of further IT migration projects
  • According to plan ERP migration with key date introduction for all ERP processes at group headquarters
  • According to plan application consolidation / migration and data center consolidation

Retail Bank

Enterprise integration and regulation require optimization of IT project and portfolio management


  • Identification and exploitation of operational and processual efficiency potentials at project and portfolio level
  • Assessments (“deep dives”) of selected projects in the portfolio to check actual level of value contribution and cost transparency
  • Creation of a governance and process model suitable for bank-wide deployment to ensure sustained planning transparency, effective progress control and efficient use of resources


Internationalization and digitization require modernization, cross-border integration and multi-channel expansion of the existing digital commerce platform


  • Unbiased assessment of the Project Execution Status with recommendations on next steps
  • Management of turnaround (incl. restructuring and replanning)
  • Responsibility for IT project management and project management office (PMO) after completion of the turnaround
  • Achievement of planning stability: Reliable planning, effective project management
  • (In light of the new plan) According to plan step-by-step delivery and rollout of the “new” sales platform: internet, sales counters, vending machines

European Group

New offerings and business models for enterprise and consumer customers require continuous digital product innovation in a dynamic market environment


  • Assessment of the Project Execution Status with recommendations on next steps, with a focus on analysis and evaluation of supplier management
  • Guidance and PMO for Program Management
  • Ensure the timely rollout of digital product innovations (web, mobile apps) through effective supplier- and program-management

Medium-sized Company

Fast growing customer base worldwide and short product innovation cycles require optimization of software delivery and maintenance processes as well as customer project management


  • Analysis and evaluation of the software development and delivery process
  • Derivation of and implementation responsibility for optimization and restructuring efforts
  • Development of product roadmap for the introduction of future product releases
  • Establishment of an appropriate project management and process model for agile developments with distributed locations