Job vacancies

We advise and support top level executives through their complex transformation efforts by recognizing and addressing the challenges for the IT, finding the appropriate digital/IT strategy and ensure the execution of IT initiatives according to plan using appropriate methods and technology excellence.

Darcblue – Career path



As a consultant, you will work “on the job” in our client teams from the very beginning.
You will thus very quickly gain practical experience in all areas of our consulting offering and make your valued contribution to project success.

In addition to the exciting project work, we promote your individual competence development within the framework of our employee program.

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant you are a key person for our consulting success.
You will meet our clients’ expectations with “creative and pragmatic excellence at work”.

You will work on the widest possible range of projects in all areas of our consulting offering, depending on your experience and interests.

From day one, you will take on responsibility in working with clients while developing your skills profile as part of our employee program.
An experienced mentor will accompany your successful career development.


As a manager, you have the operational responsibility for the work of your project team. With your sense of responsibility and professionalism, you represent our company to the customer in an exemplary manner in day-to-day business.

You ensure that our customers are satisfied, that the right tasks are completed at the right time in a high-quality manner, and that the chemistry between the customer and the project team is right. In short: That your project and thus the project of DARCBLUE is a success. Because project success is our business card.

Senior Manager

As a Senior Manager, you will bring your diverse practical experience to the table and continue it on a strategic level.

You will participate in management decisions, contribute to business and knowledge development and take on leadership roles within the company.

You will apply your market and industry knowledge to the development of consulting products for existing and future clients.
You will independently contribute to growth and new client acquisition.